Jes is a non-binary educator and mixed media sculpture artist based in Toronto, Canada. Their practice investigates alternative uses of space inspired by infestations and repetitive natural patterns. They practice fluidity within all things. 

Young received their Masters of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours, and Bachelor of Education from York University. They have held a guest artist position at York University and has exhibited in multiple group and solo shows in and around Toronto such as the Litter Art Program with A Greener Future (2022) and Something Creative’s Bi Bi Baby Showcase (2022). Alongside continuing to develop their artistic practice they are currently working as a studio manager and the lead fabricator for Cybele Young.


Artist Statement

Repetition, process and multiples are the main components I use in my practice to investigate various uses and interpretations of space. As someone who has to get creative with the small space I live and work in, I found inspiration in the ingenuity of infestations such as beehives, deposits, and nests. Similar to these natural formations I create work by continuously making small repetitive pieces that can be built onto endlessly and able to adapt to any available space. 

I frequently gravitate towards building my artwork into commonly unused spaces and onto discarded objects, repurposing them as a space for artwork to flourish. In my practice I use a variety of natural, recycled, homemade and found materials, allowing each new series as an opportunity for material research and exploration, while being mindful of their environmental impact.

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