As a college student and aspiring animator wanting to specialize in character design, my goal is to keep creating and one day be able to reach an audience that I can inspire and motivate with my art, just as many amazing artists have inspired me throughout my life. It is because of this passion that I have learned to accept myself for who I am. I believe that seeing ourselves represented in art and media today is one of the most important aspects to help promote a sense of identity and self-love. To be able to relate to the content we see and have ourselves reflected in the characters shown in our favourite movies, cartoons, or books is such a huge part of learning to accept oneself from any age or background. 


In my ongoing journey as a queer artist, I wish to spread messages of positivity, identity, and diversity through my work, and someday inspire the next generations of artists to create what they love and be true to themselves for who they are. 

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