AJ ''spoopy'' Rappaport (they/them) is a multi-media artist and writer from Toronto who works primarily in drawing, painting, digital art, print media and installation. AJ completed their BFA in 2018 and their INDI (Individualized) Masters in 2020 researching the esports community for Super Smash Bros. Melee. at Concordia University in Montreal. They self published an adaptation of their thesis as a book called Melee is Broken.

Their work deals with themes of the temporal and the ephemeral. They encourage play and collection in life and art, with an emphasis on accentuating earthly beauties. Their work, often embracing kitsch aesthetics, will pose questions on memory and its capacity, or rather its in-capacities. Specifically, they investigate nostalgia, its properties and the retro through and with the semiotics of early video game and PC culture, usually in some sort of assemblage form to reference their enchantment with collection.

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